Applied Research Citations.

ArticleEffects of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction on employees’ mental health. 

Disciplines: Psychology, Health Promotion and Business Administration.


This article is very important to my current applied research article because it give me a general idea and perspective of some of the stressor that go on during a typical work day. This article is also a mixture of all three disciplines that my major focuses on.


Janssen, M., Heerkens, Y., Kuijer, W., Engels, J., & van der Heijden, B. (2018). Effects of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction on employees’ mental health: A systematic review. Plos ONE13(1), 1-37. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0191332

Article: Workplace stress, Stress Effects, and Coping mechanisms in the construction industry.

Disciplines: Psychology and Business.


This article was very interesting, because it shows and gave examples of ways to cope with workplace stress. This is very closely related to my major. I also was able to connect on the occupation because my family owns a small construction company.


Workplace Stress, Stress Effects, and Coping Mechanisms in the Construction Industry. (2014). Journal of Construction Engineering & Management140(3), 1. doi:10.1061/(ASCE)CO.1943-7862.0000807

Article: Workplace stress: A neglected aspect of mental health.

Disciplines: Business, Health and Psychology mental health.


This article was very interesting because it was able  to describe the lack of attention that mental health recieves in the workplace. This article was able to give me a larger view on topics that may be a key trigger to employees’ mental health issues.


Maulik, P. K. (2017, October). Workplace stress: A neglected aspect of mental health wellbeing. Indian Journal of Medical Research. pp. 441-444. doi:10.4103/ijmr.IJMR_1298_17.


Article: Boosting mental health through dietary intake.

Disciplines: Psychology mental health and Health education.


This was my most interesting read. I was able to learn a lot about the foods that I consume and how they are affecting my mental health. I learned about ingredients and other added substances that are added to our food. Many employees turn to quick snacks throughout the day do to stress.


Chawla, G. (2018). Boosting mental health through dietary intake. Indian Journal Of Health & Wellbeing9(2), 312-313.

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