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Before taking Introduction to Interdisciplinary, I planned on this class focusing on creating my major for majority of the time. I did not expect the wide range of education that came about with this class. During my fall semester here as a junior, I was caught between making the decision of changing my major, or combining the classes that I had taken before from psychology, with classes from a other disciplines like health promotion and business. At first I thought it would be an easy ride through and that I will be able to put all the classes I wanted to together to create my major, but instead I ended up adding more classes to my program to make it stronger and easier to understand.

Before taking this class I wasn’t really sure what exactly sure of what the true meaning of interdisciplinary means. I had met students here who have taken the introduction class and also have programs, but I never fully understood what the meaning was. As the semester went on, I was able to describe to my peers what exactly interdisciplinary means. Before I described it as a program where you can add classes from different majors to create one. This is true, but it does not define the purpose of this class. When I describe my major, I go into detail of how each disciplines combines together to create a stronger view on something, instead of just in one field. My understanding of IDS has changed a lot over the semester. I now look at every field as being interdisciplinary. When I visit stores or just going into my local grocery store, I try to figure out all the disciplines that come into place when operating the company. Everything that we partake in is interdisciplinary.

While going through readings that we were required to read in this class, I was able to make many personal connections to my program. From the reading, “ the Benefits and Challenges of Interdisciplinarity” by Janina Misiewicz, I was able to connect all the problems with interdisciplinary and relate them to my program. During the year, I struggled to decide which disciplines that I should add to my program. I dealt with others who would question about my program and whether or not it would be successful. This article mentioned how some politics believe that philosophy and other programs are not important to politicians. I questioned this and tried relating it to my program and began wondering if I have disciplines that would not match. I then remembered reading “ Standing Alone” which was the next article and reliezing that I have to overcome these critics to my program and be strong with what I believe. I began to think of clever ways of how each course can correlate with each other and create a program that fits me perfect. I eventually was able to come together and create my program “ Psychological Approaches to Workplace Health”. The articles that we were required to read helped me to boost my confidence and help me to continue through the challenges of interdisciplinary.

Interdisciplinary studies have become one the most popular and growing programs across the country. I am lucky enough to be a part of one of the top programs in the USA. Interdisciplinarity is important to universities because it gives students the ability to widen their views on all different aspects of education. We as students must push ourselves try different things. We have to learn information from more than just one discipline. Interdisciplarity is a part of everyday life. Everything that we are involved in involves aspects from multiple disciples. It is important for people across the planet to understand several disciplines instead of just one.

I have high hopes that my program will help me to change the world. I want to be able to use my program and help others in the business field to create a healthier lifestyle. I have always wanted to be able to be someone who others can look up to. With me creating my own major, I am more confident with my self when trying to describe my future goals. I hope to see the program here at Plymouth State University continue to be as successful as it can be. I am very proud to be a part of the program here, and I always suggest this program to many of my peers.

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