H2O is the way to go! rough draft


The main impact of my project is to educated and help employees of Deautchus Nursing home. This is important because many employees do not stay consistent with their diets. This nursing home consists of nursing aids, RNA and other occupations. The overall impact is to help them to change the way they eat by changing little parts of their diet. This included simple sugars and high fat foods. This is written down in a notebook showing what was eaten on a specific week. When I first interviewed the group members in the project, I asked for her permission to be apart of the project. She was/is still allowed stopping at any time that she wants. One of the common foods that I found in the diets was soda or simple sugars ( candy aka high fructose syrup). The project impact was to substitute soda for water or fresh fruits for simple sugars. I have been able to visit the nursing home 5 times through out the semester. Each time that I arrived I bring a 24 pack of bottled water as well as fresh apples, banana and oranges.


TBA: final interview with Elaine, Mary Jane and Siobhan.


Relation to major:

My major is psychological approaches to workplace health. By working with employees I was able to connect and see what their needs were. This project helped many and still is, continue their healthy habits. In todays society we are faced with many problems that affect our mental health. My major consists of Business, psychology, health promotion and sociology.


This project was important to me because I am very passionate about health. My whole life I did not eat well. I would go to the store after school and get a bag of M&M’s or gummy worms to fill my hunger. As you may expect, I was not getting the proper nutrients that I need and that triggered me to eat even more food which led to my weight gain. Through out college, I worked at the gym facility. It was not until the end of my freshman year that I felt the need to change my diet. I made small changes little by little and I saw results in my health that I was looking for.

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