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After reading through the three articles, I felt as if I have been missing out on a lot of opportunities. While reading the article ” Colleges Must Reconstruct the Unity of Knowledge” , I was able to better understand why universities need to have a new plan as to how to combine education.  As an IDS student, I am able to feel independent as a whole. From choosing my own classes and having my own website domain, I am able to show others who I truly am. I have truly changed my attitude on my education. I used to just pick classes just because I wanted to get them out of the way. The only classes that I truly cared about were the ones that were in my main major. As I look back, I have learned that my general education has taught me a lot more than what I have expected. Another article that I read was ” the web we need to give students”. This article has given me ideas on how I should and could use social media for a positive network system.  After the readings I feel more comfortable with my decision to switch to the IDS program.These articles are similar in the fact that they all believe that students should have there own work for future references. With the help of the domain that a student is given to by the university, you are able to keep all your work from the past.

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