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Research Article: Healthy eating and mental health for adults.

Being trapped in a workspace throughout the day can seem very struggling and stressful. Whether you are in an office sitting all day or working with your hands all day mowing lawns, everyone takes time out of the day to eat. Without eating your body does not have the energy to maintain throughout the day? The word “hangry” was created to combine both hungry and angry together. What exactly is going on in the brain when you are deprived of fuel? What happens when your body is not getting enough nutrients that we need? These are questions that I am planning on researching. I am focusing my research mainly on how daily eating habits can affect with mental health issues. Having a poor diet can have an impact on the way the brain thinks. Without proper fuel your body can be drained. One thing that can have an impact on unhealthy eating is being sedentary. Many work places have departments that involve sitting many hours of the day. This can have a large impact on a the way that one eats. My target group that I plan to focus on is middle class adults. The main reason behind this is that majority of working americans range between lower to upper middle class. These individuals are the ones who are more likely to work 40 hour weeks compared to upper class. This topic is closely related to my major because many americans do not get the chance to eat a healthy proportioned meal. Many of us go out and grab a quick slice of pizza mainly because of the strict time limit. Today this has caused a great amount of stress on many employees. A nutrient enriched meal can show higher performance results and improve a companies income and quality. By eating healthy an individual will feel more energized and more willing to be less sedentary.

Research Project:  Employee’s happiness. 

My research project will be focusing on several aspects of a workplace. As a twenty-two year old in college, I have not been able to experience the full-time job life. From past experiences as a construction worker to a seafood whole food’s service delivery driver, I was able to understand some of the psychological effects that a business can have on an individual. For my project, I plan on looking deep into the employee’s current position and how they feel about working every day. This is going to involve a daily log of what the individual participates in during the day. The purpose of this study is to see how an employee spends their off time. For many of us, we tend to take time to rest. Working a 9-5 job can cause many stressors to react and eventually could affect the performance of an employee. Today we live in a non-stop environment. Many of us after work continue to work through text messages or other forms of networking. This project will include an anonymous survey on the amount of stress the employee is dealing with, as well as which factors of their work is most stressful. To continue, I will then perform a few interviews with employees from different occupations. During the interview I would ask what they would like to see changed in their workplace to help create a stronger environment.  As I continue I plan on assess a plan that the manager can take in order to assess the needs of the employees. By doing this I will get a strong idea on what causes the most stress to employees. On the daily log, I will be able to see how much time that an individual actually has for themselves. This is related to the health promotion discipline of my major. This will be able to tell me whether individuals are taking time out of their day to be active or be sedentary. By doing this project, I hope to be able to become a future manager that will be able to assess the needs of all my employee so they are content. Workplace health is very under looked. If an employee is not happy where they are, then the success of the business will be low.

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