Low Battery

Today we live in a world that is revolved around our cellphones. After having a casual talk with my professor about influencing others to become healthier, the topic of technology was brought up. As a 22 year old, I have been able to see the dramatic changes in cellphone and other devices in the last decade. I was in the 7th grade when I received my first cellphone, which was a Virgin mobile. I remember I was given a certain amount of minutes and texts a day before I would be charged more. To me it was a simple device that I would use to call my friends to meet up or tell my parents the exact time I will be home. But today, some 7th graders are more technically advanced then many of their parents. It came to my attention one day that we are slowly draining our lives through cellphone use. Draining our wasted energy sitting at a kitchen table texting our friends or flicking through instagram or twitter. Our days are run by the percentage of our cellphone batteries instead of the percentage of nutrients we are receiving. We care more about our battery life than we do about the percentage of time we spend being physically active in a day.


So the next time you freak out about your battery being below 20%, think about how much percentage your body is drained!

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