Psychological Approaches to Workplace Health

The title of my program is Psychological approaches to healthy living in the work place. The purpose of my program is to bring in different perspectives of a health related field with psychology. I am currently a second semester student who recently switched to interdisciplinary studies. During my fall semester, I was told about the IDS program here at Plymouth State University. While in a meeting with my advisor, I told her about my idea of adding two minors to get a broad perspective from other field areas. I was currently a Psychology mental health major with a minor in business administration. I was very stuck between what I would want to actually do with my major. I had changed it once before and was nervous about my future. As I learned more information about the program, I began to write down ideas of what I could possibly do to make the major I had always wanted. I had sat down and talked about my plans of adding health promotion to my major. My passion for human health has grown over the last few years, which is why I have fully decided to join the IDS program.

My program is based around health promotion, psychology, and a little bit of business. Health promotion and Psychology work side-by-side in an interdisciplinary program. With majority of my psychology classes being involved with human development and research, I found that health promotion would be the best fit to my program. In this program I will be able to learn the healthy ways of living, as well as the study of how humans develop. This will help me for the future with helping to create a healthy environment, as well as doing research with others to create a healthy living and working environment.

This program is the best fit for me because I could not find any other programs here at Plymouth state that have a psychology and health genre. For my future I believe the IDS program will help me to find my dream job. My program is different from others because I have added both a business and health perspective. This will help me to create a great work place for others and help customers receive the wellbeing they deserve.

To have the best education for my program I have added many health promotion classes on my contract. Principles of Health will help me with learning healthy lifestyles and problems that may come across while working with others in my future occupation. Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living is added to my contract because of the health benefits that come from a healthy diet. This will help my program because I will be able to promote employees to maintain a healthy diet. Physical Activity and Health is added to my program to help me promote active lifestyle to employees. Physical Activity has been proven to lower stress levels, which will be important for a healthy work place. Health Promotion Planning and Evaluation (WRCO) is added to the contract because this class will give me the skills to be able to create a health plan for employees. With out this class I would not get the proper training to create plans to help others. This leads to my next class Stress Management, which gives my program the education to be able to control stress levels. Stress in a work place can lead to many psychological effects, which include depression and anxiety. Drug Behavior is added to the program to learn the affects that drugs can have on a facility. This will help me to create a safe and healthy work place. For every one-person affect by drug abuse, eight other people are also affected. As an employee, the addiction and abuse affects not only the individual, but the company as a whole. Drugs have a psychological affect on humans that can cause harm to ones health. Introduction to Psychology and Lifespan development are added to the program to help with the psychological affects that come about with health and the work place. Lifespan development will help this program by adding education about all ages and be able to work with every age. Statistics in Psychology (also my QRCO) is added for research knowledge on how to create a healthier work place, as well as the math skills to be able to discover trends that may be causing problems to a work area. Organizational Behavior is added to my contract for a business view of organizations. This class will teach me the proper ways of how to handle employee’s problems, and will contribute to making the work place healthier, as well as helping others with stress or other issues. Principles of Marketing is another business class that will give the program more education on how to promote healthier living in work places. Human Resource Management is added on the contract because it has relations to communication of employees and their problems they may be facing. Also, this class will help with hiring new employees who will best fit into the facility to create a healthier and welcoming work place. In order to help a community become healthier I will need to gain knowledge on how the society plays a role. This opens my views to different ethnicities and cultural problems that an employee might be facing. Health and Society (WECO/GACO) and Foundations of Sociology (DICO) are added to the contract to fulfill my needs for the society. The last class that is on my contract is Exercise and Health Psychology. With this class I will be able to learn more psychological perspectives on health, which I can then use to better my environment and work place.

My program is a combination of all different subjects. This program includes areas from psychology, social work, sociology, health promotion and business. All of these areas add together to have a stronger view of knowledge with a community, as well as a business view. With this I will be able to create a much better environment for work places. This program will help me to be prepared for any troubles that come across an area. With psychology I will have a better view of how humans learn to adapt to certain areas. With health promotion I will learn about stress management and healthy lifestyle living. This will help me to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Health promotion and psychology tie very close together because mental health is a big factor to a healthy life style. I have added business to my program. The classes include organizational behavior, principles of marketing, and human resource management. These three classes involve a lot with the other classes in my program because of the affiliation with groups. With these classes I will learn more about how to lead and facilitate in a work environment.

Throughout my life I have always wanted to be a person who someone can go to. I want to create a healthy environment so that everyone can feel safe and secure. This program that I have created is everything that I believe would best fit my future. I am getting the best of every disciplinary.


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