Psychology and where it all started

Psychology is defined as the scientific study of the mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context. Psychology is a discipline that studies the mind.The epistemology of Psychology is the use of research to find patterns in the mind. The content being studied for psychology is the mind and behaviors. During the  past week our class was asked to read serval different journal entries about the history of Interdisciplinary. One of the reading that I found very interesting was ” the history of academy and the disciplines.” In this reading I was able to explore and learn how disciplines all started. From the beginning of time, way before technology was around, disciplines were being taught. One of the first disciplines was Philosophy. While I was reading, I was able to come across my discipline that I am writing about, Psychology. Psychology is a sub-discipline. This means that it is a branch off of a science.

Sub-disciplines are very important to our education. Without this split, we would not be able to have as much knowledge as we do for our human brain than we do today. Psychology here at our school consists of three different programs. There is Developmental, Mental Health and General Psychology. Before switching over to Interdisciplinary Studies, I was in the Mental Health Program here at PSU. I had taken classes about abnormal psychological problems as well as classes that had to do with personality. These classes taught me the different mental diseases that many of people across the world currently face. With this being said, I wanted to do more research myself on how mental diseases may affect an individual and healthy life style living. This was hard for me to truly understand do to the case that I did not have any education on health. Health and psychology tie close together. Research says that exercising can have the same affect on the brain as antidepressants.

The history of Psychology ties back to early experiments. The first American Psychology laboratory was established in 1883. Psychology is a relatively new discipline compared to other disciplines. As time continued, the discipline of Psychology began to grow larger because of the new technology that was added to the discipline. Research and studies were founded and created a larger and more educated view for psychology. But without the help from other disciplines, these studies would have never been able to come together. Disciplines from chemistry, biology and others helped to for medicine that is now used to treat mental diseases. Today there are still many important influential scholars that exist today. These include

  • Antonio E. Puente: APA president, Jessica Henderson DanielHans-Werner Gessmann and Albert Bandura. Puente is the president of a very large psychology organization APA. 

Psychology is a very interesting discipline. This discipline has its very own journal entry format, APA. This format includes all aspects of a study that is being done. This includes what is being test, the method, the results and conclusion to the experiment. While reading the journals that were required for class, I was able to connect to the teaching of how and why past disciplines change. As we grow older, we use the past to try and solve problems of the current. Each day, psychology will change because we are still trying to find ways of why and how the brain works to solve problems. Psychology is one of the top disciplines in the contract because it helps me to get a better approach on how the mind works and how having a healthy life style can help to make a healthier mind.

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