Research Article and Project Brainstorm

While brainstorming ideas for my research article and project I came up with many great points of interest. My major is composed of many disciplines including psychology, health promotion and business. Since business is involved in everyone’s daily life, I thought about doing research on stress levels from different workplace departments. For example, I would find which occupations have the most stress, and get the reasons behind why they are feeling stressed. This research article would be very interesting because it would relate to all three disciplines that are part of my major. For a related project, I would make plans for certain workplaces and see if any changes happened in the facility.

Another research article that I believe would be very interesting is to see how long days at work effect individuals eating habits. Diet is very important to ones health. If an individual is eating poorly or has few options of food choice, their health can be greatly affected. This could cause an organization to preform poorly if its employees are living unhealthy life styles. I am very interested in the mental-health part of psychology because of my past. I have worked in many environments where I felt that I was not where I belonged. This has brought me to the point where I want to make changes in a workplace. This comes from several disciplines in my major. When looking at Maslow’s hierarchy law, the first step is everyday essentials that we need to survive. Safety comes second according to the law of needs. Feeling safe in a workplace should be one of the main concerns. Today we live in a world that is full of hate and crime. A research on how safe an employee feels at their workplace would include every discipline in my field. Some struggles with this is to decide which occupations are less bias. Dealing with employees who are working in a criminal justice field might have very different responses than someone who works in a library.

One of the more important factors that I want to do my research on is the amount of physical activities regularly employed professions get. With stress from work, family and other activities, I want to figure out some of the reasons behind the levels of physical activity. For my project I want to find ways to changes someone’s levels of activity so they receive the regular level of physical activity during the week. This ranges from 150 minutes of moderate activity to around 300 minutes a week. Overall this is close to around three hours of physical activity. When doing my research I want to draw out a map of the amount of hours during the week one sleeps, works, and other activities. I would have employees from different occupations write down their daily activities.

As a 22 year old student, I try to make a chance everyday to get to the gym. I realize that as we grow older, we tend to lack on the ability to reach the physical activity minimum. This is affecting the way that many of us feel, both physically and mentally. By doing research on ways that we can associate healthy lifestyles with a workplace, an organization could see positive benefits. This leads me to my discipline, which is human resource management. While brainstorming, I shifted my search more towards a business’s benefits that they have to offer? What is their health care plan? All these questions began to pop up in my head. I plan on aiming my project and article more on this area because this relates most to my major. If companies offer gym memberships or bonus’s that are health related then maybe they will see a change in their employees health. For my last idea, I figured that I would look into businesses with the top excellence in employee conditions. One barrier that I would have to break is being able to speak to leading human resource managers and figure out the facts and why these companies are so high up.

I have many questions that need to be answered but overall I am very excited with my ideas. I hope to be able to find ways or possible reasons as to why employees tend to leave corporations  or are not satisfied with where they are at.

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