Scholarly Interdisciplinary Studies Article!

While looking through the library database, I was able to find an article about interdisciplinary studies that I found to be very interesting. The article “The Influence of the ‘Trier Social Stress Test’ on Free Throw Performance in Basketball: An Interdisciplinary Study.”  written by Nicolas Mascret and many others showed that Interdisciplinary studies is an important role to finding new research. This article explained the physiological and psychological aspects that go into throwing a free throw. The reason why I have found this article to be so interesting is that is has many similarities to what I am studying. My major has classes in the psychology field as well as health and sociology field as well. The article explained how throwing a free throw is one of the highest stress induced parts of any game. This is because the individual is separated from the others in the game and is given the full chance to score a point for their team. The player is not faced with any defense or other stressors besides what is in their mind.

This article did a ABA study where they tested the stress level of the individual player as well and the movement sensors. There was two tests being used, one of which was a trier social stress test and the other was a placebo. The participants showed that the TSST test had induced their stress levels.

After reading this article I felt that I had gained a lot of knowledge that I can someday use for my future. As humans we are surrounded by many different disciplines that we might not even think we are involved in. When playing sports we are using not only physical strength but the strength of our minds as well. Psychology plays a huge roll with physiology. Society plays a huge roll as to how our brain works as well. When someone is in a different environment they tend to have higher stress levels. This is where ” home team advantage” plays along. What many people do not know is that we are involved in Interdisciplinary actions every single day. This article taught me to have a more open mind and try to find different ways to solve problems by looking at different disciplines.




Mascret, N., Ibáñez-Gijón, J., Bréjard, V., Buekers, M., Casanova, R., Marqueste, T., & … Cury, F. (2016). The Influence of the ‘Trier Social Stress Test’ on Free Throw Performance in Basketball: An Interdisciplinary Study. Plos ONE, 11(6), 1-16. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0157215

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