Summary Synthesis

During my junior year, I decided to make a very important decision for my future. I came into Plymouth state as a Athletic Training major, and decided to switch my second semester. I decided to move to psychology mental health. The reason I chose this major is mainly because I want to help others with mental health disabilities. During my sophomore year I decided that I wanted to add a minor. I decided to go with business administration because of my strong business background. When I continued my college career, I grew a strong passion for health. I started to look into health programs and saw how it changed many peoples mind set as well as mine. I thought of ways on how health can effect mental how in positive ways. This included exercise, eating habits and other social aspects. When I looked into health programs on campus, I was told about the Interdisciplinary Studies program. I had never heard of this major before my Junior year. I decided to reach out to Robin DeRosa and get her input on my idea. When I told her, she had a lot of positive feedback for me. I was excited to take this step in my life. The major that I had created is Psychological approaches to work place health .…workplace-health/

This major combines the disciplines of business, health promotion, psychology and sociology. The focus for this major is to promote healthier habits in a workplace. Today we are faced with lost of stress in a workplace which can lead to poor health habits. By creating this major I was able to learn of new ideas on how to build programs for organizations and move as well as have a psychology background on how employees think.

I decided to do my Research article on causes of stress in adults. I was able to dig deep into areas such as nutrition, physical activity and leisure time throughout the day. This article was very interesting because it explained more of how stress in adults leads to poor health. There is a lot of different reasons that may be causing stress. This article relates to my major because it gives me information on what may be causing mental health issues. By learning that being less active correlates to poor performance, I can use this as a starting point to build programs in organizations.

I decided to do my applied project at a local nursing home in my home town. The purpose of this project was to promote the workers at this facility to make healthier choices on the foods and beverages they drink. I decided to promote the employees to limit the amount of simple sugars they intake throughout the day. Many employees drank sugary drinks such as soda. I educated them on how much sugar is actually in just one soda. I continued my project and provided the staff with waters that they could substitute the sodas for. This project helped me to created a healthier organization as well as show leadership. I was able to learn the health effects of sugar from my research article.

My research article and project had many similarities with each other. They also tie closely with my major in the way of promoting health. Poor nutrition can cause obesity as well as many other problems. This can lead to a staff member feeling poorly about them selfs as well as building high levels of stress. Through my project, I was able to show the staff members simple ways to improve their lives. I received positive feedback from all of them and they now have a stronger sense of knowledge on how poor health habits can seriously cause stress.

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