The more eyes the better: Interview with Rebecca Busanic

During the past week I got the chance to meet with Rebecca Busanich. Professor Busanich was the first person to come to my mind when we were asked to perform a interview with a professor here at Plymouth State University. Last semester I decided to make the change and join the IDS program. While I was beginning my exciting new change, I was contacted by Dr. Robin Derosa, who suggested that I meet with Dr. Busanich to discuss my plan for future classes. When I met with her, I felt that she was really there to help me succeed. Dr. Busanich was very hands on and helped me begin my journey. With her education in both exercise physiology and exercise psychology, I decided that she was the best fit for this interview.

Last wednesday around 10 am in the morning I was able to meet with Dr. Busanich. To start off the conversation we caught up on things.  I was devastated to hear that she will not be returning next semester because she is moving locations. As the conversation continued I began to ask questions about her profession and how she got to where she is today. Dr. Busanich received her Exercise Physiology Bachelors degree at Michigan University. She would then continue for her masters at Oregon. She received her Phd. for Sport psychology at Iowa. I was surprised by how much education that Dr. Busanich had received in my related field. I was able to learn which classes she teaches. I was very interested when I heard that she teaches health and exercise psychology. I began asking question about the class and what exactly it teaches. This soon would lead to a conversation about future potential classes to add to my contract.

As the interview continued, I asked a question ” do you do any interdisciplinary work”. I was pleased by her response when she answered that everything she does is interdisciplinary. This answer gave me the trust I needed to help me create a program that will benefit me for the future. Dr. Busanich explained how she loves her job a lot. She is very active in the cormmunitity. She is an associate director of healthy living in active living. She provides research for areas around plymouth, as far up as Franconia and as south as Concord.

I learned from the interview that Dr. Busanich is a very group orientated worker. When I asked if she collaborates with anyone on her work, she responded with ” yes! you get stuck in your own bias if you work alone.” also she added ” the more eyes the better!”. These quotes made me understand the importance of working with others to solve problems. I was able to learn a lot about Dr. Busanich’s career from this question. Everything in her work is tied in with interdisciplinary fields.

The title of this post has to do with why I decided to switch my major. After my interview I was able to learn more about the new field in which my major will be associated with. This interview has opened my mind to new opportunities for my program. I was able to learn a lot of cool things about Dr. Busanich. I am glad that I have formed a relationship with Dr. Busanich and use her advice for future references.

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