Thinking way back!

As a 22 year old, I tend to find my self drifting back to my past years a lot. I have a problem with remising on the times when things were so easy and carefree. But while doing that, I also thank myself for those times. How did I changed so much from the kid that I once was? or did that child that I once was bring me to the place that I am today?

As a child, I was always described as an entertainer. My family members would always have me to the life of the party and host certain events during family gatherings( holidays, weddings, anniversaries etc). One thing that I have always had a passion for was to be creative and make sure that everyone in my presence feels content and happy where they belong. As I think back to when I was a child, I start to think about the times where I would gather my close friends together and go fishing. Some other events that I came across were times I would create street hockey leagues in my schools, which gathered a large crowd and created a fun environment for almost everyone. My main focus was mainly to step away from the xbox or other gaming devices and be active. As  I grew out of my middle school years, I started to see that video games were taking over a lot of my generations social aspects of life. My decision to step away from online gaming began to take off around my sophomore year in high school. I began to take many more risks by joining new extracurricular activities around my community. I began to see positive changes in both my physical and mental health. Growing up, I dealt with high levels of anxiety which would lead to depression at some points. I always felt as if I was the underdog in every activity that I participated in. I would question everything that I would do because of the thought of failure. I strictly remember one quote from my mother ” Mrs. Wood was saying how much she loves watching you play, you always give 100% effort and support while keeping a smile on your face”. This quote stuck with me through out my life because I saw myself as not only a hard worker but as a leader to others. Thats what leads me to where I stand today. As I begin to think of different careers, I want to be seen as a person that others can look up to. Nobody in this world is perfect, but a lot of us expect perfection? Equal opportunity for success should start with the fundamentals of life. This includes all aspects of health. Psychological approaches to workplace health deals with the mental health of employers that come from a workplace. Stressful work environments can be a leading reason to high turnover rates in organizations. With my major I combined Health promotion, psychology mental health, business and social work. With all these disciplines I am able to gain a higher level of knowledge on how all these aspects can effect an employer and there organization. I believe that as a whole, employers should feel as comfortable as possible to reach their expectations in an organization as well as meet the needs of their own well being. I have had many years in the workforce where I have seen many employees miserable from every day life. Having programs that build relationships with others will build a stronger community for an organization. Having resources to help employees with mental health would not only show that an organization cares for their staff but as well as build confidence in the employer.

As I look back on the picture above, I see a young child that enjoyed being outside enjoying the environment. Who I was as a child has helped me to become the man that I am today. When looking at a photo, there is more to the picture than what the eye can see. There’s many stories behind a photograph. I realize that life is more than just going out finding a career and making a large salary to be able to afford all our daily. Life is about using all your talents to the best of your ability.  As a child I was a dreamer and as a 22 year old I still continue to dream. With my major I am able to put together a program where I can learn from several disciplines and the different aspects that go into creating a stronger workplace. My childhood dreams and aspirations have lead me to the man I am today.


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