Two things I have learned Spring 2017 semester

This past semester I have taken a huge jump for creating a major that really represents who I am. I have been able to choose classes in the Health Education genre that I have found very interesting. I am currently enrolled in Applied nutrition for healthy living taught by Professor Young. I am also taking Organization Behavior which is taught by Dr. Leuser.  I have been able to learn many important information that I will use for my future career.

Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living has been my most exciting class this year. I am now fully able to understand the proper nutrition needs for different age groups. I have found it helpful for me to learn this information because I would consider my self an active adult. I have learned the process of how to create a healthy diet that fits all my needs through out the semester. I now use my knowledge to help others out who are trying to change for the better and create a more healthier life. I have always been very interested in the sport nutrition and supplements. I would try a lot of supplements that I now have learned could have negative effects on my body in the long run. This class has taught me to stay away from these supplements and replace them with more natural nutrition foods. In this class we are required to read articles and studies that are given by Professor Young. These articles show the real costs of a poor diet and show how damaging a bad diet could be for a body. Over all I have learned that eating healthy meals can have positive outcomes which include both physiological and psychological benefits.

Organizational Behavior is a class that I am required to take for my business minor. This class is also very important for my future career because it teaches me the communication skills of how to handle certain situations that may come about in the workplace. This class focuses on the differences in gender, race and other personal problems that people face. It has taught me that there could be a lot of conflicts that come about when different groups disagree on things. I am taught how to solve these issues using proper techniques. I have really enjoyed this class because we work in groups and try to solve certain problems that have happened in past years with organizations. We also get to have debates on whether or not certain tasks are necessary for an organization to continue.

This past semester I have learned a lot of  information that will stick with me for the rest of my life. I am glad that I am in classes where I enjoy learning the information. It makes me happy to be able to use the information that I learn and help others make positive changes in their life.


Picture from HealthNutrition

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